Are These Two Murderous Lawyers Too Precious to Be Charged With Hate Crimes?

Take a good look at these two scum.  They can’t claim “neglect” or “oppression” when they tried to murder completely innocent police officers by firebombing one cop van and getting caught with a stockpile of bombs to kill other cops.  They’re well-paid lawyers.

Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman.  Both over 30, so that’s not an excuse

As told by Buzzfeed, which is whining about their being oppressed but at least didn’t act as precious as the New York Times, which has used technology to prevent linking to these pictures, lawyers Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman were caught trying to brutally murder multiple police:

The NYPD van on a Brooklyn street was banged up and empty, a battered steel shell with shattered windows and a mask of spray paint. Shortly before 1 a.m. on Saturday, May 30, the fourth straight night of nationwide protests against police brutality, a Molotov cocktail set it ablaze.

And then these justice-puppies were caught with identical explosive devises headed straight at cop cars with living humans in them.  Buzzfeed massages its limp credibility by insisting that they didn’t actually intend to KILL cops, just harm unattended vehicles, against all, well, evidence:

Well-respected lawyers who had met at a birthday party in 2014, Rahman and Mattis are both in their early thirties, with large social circles and close-knit families, living the American dream their immigrant parents had aspired for them. Rahman defended tenants facing evictions, and Mattis did pro bono work representing women with low incomes in family court while practicing corporate law at a prestigious firm. They had become attorneys in hopes of using the law to help balance the scales of a justice system that, in their eyes, favored rich over poor, white over Black, citizen over refugee.

Blah, blah, blah.  Did it not occur to this brain trust that many police are immigrants and low-income and minority people too?  Of course not.  They were trying to kill The Man.  The Buzzfeed article is hilarious: I highly recommend reading all about the school reading prizes and free education and murderous hatred towards America that litter the piece.  As a special bonus, it includes the emails of the writers.

Rahman and Mattis are literally trying to defend their terrorism with letters from their friends in grade school who thought they were normal people.  Some day when I have more time, I’ll get the letters so you can see precisely who is defending these failed murderers.

Because this is what they really are: failures of the American Dream.  Their immigrant parents must be so disappointed: either they are decent people whose years of hard work got these two into the elite pinnacles of society, only for them to set out to kill random strangers, or their parents raised abject failures — terrorists who couldn’t even firebomb cops to death without screwing that up.

I’d provide a lot more information here, but my computer is so old it can’t even update itself enough to upload the New York Post.  Funny, though, I can get the New York Times.  In any case, you can google their names and get 20 Post articles about their legal maneuvers to stay out of prison.

Or, maybe it’s not my computer that’s the problem.







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