Andrew Cuomo Commuted the Sentence of David Gilbert, Who Killed Two Cops And a Security Guard. All Roads Lead to Obama.

Why would Cuomo spend his last days in office releasing and commuting the sentences of killers, especially cop killer David Gilbert?  All roads lead to the Obamas.   

All roads lead to the Obamas because of the Obamas’ intimate relationship with cop killers Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, and their deeply intimate relationship with David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin.  After years of planting bombs with Gilbert and Boudin, Ayers and Dohrn adopted Chesa Boudin, son of David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin, when these two wanna-be Black Liberation Army murderers went to prison after teaming up with Bernardine Dohrn to stage the robberies and murders of several Brinks drivers, police, security, and other living humans.  (see: Marilyn Buck, Cop Killer: Five Less Than Six Degrees of Separation From Barack Obama).  Dohrn, curiously, was never charged despite her known involvement in the crimes.  She was jailed merely for refusing to testify, but curiously, was released a few months later.  For more information detailing Dohrn’s involvement in the Brink’s Murders, see my report: Michelle, Barack, Bernardine, and Bill: the real story of the Obamas and the terrorist couple.  In it, I quote award-winning journalist John Castellucci, who documents many of Dohrn’s forgotten criminal activities in his excellent 1986 book, The Big Dance: The Untold Story of Weatherman Kathy Boudin and the Terrorist Family that Committed the Brink’s Robbery Murders.

There is no statute of limitations on murder.  Surely some prosecutor in Nyack, New York or elsewhere with jurisdiction would consider finally prosecuting Dohrn for her crimes.

After years of silence (and lies) regarding the true nature of the Ayers/Dohrn and Obamas’ relationship while Obama ran for president and served in office, Bernardine Dohrn finally admitted to historian David Garrow that her children, including now infamous San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, sometimes baby-sat the Obamas’ children as the adults shared dinner together several times a week for eight years.  No less a source than Pulitzer Prize winner David Garrow confirms the couple’s strangely intertwined relationship in one of the few interviews Ayers and Dohrn have given about the Obamas since 2008.

And then Cuomo plucked the entirely unrepentant David Gilbert from his cell.  What does Cuomo want from — or have on — Obama?

Here is some background: Michelle, Barack, Bernardine, and Bill: the real story of the Obamas and the terrorist couple.   Bernardine Dohrn stole the IDs used by David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin and others to rent the getaway trucks used in several robberies and murders of police and Brinks security guards.  Dohrn was also arrested, though merely for refusing to testify, and was released after several months.  During Dohrn’s time in the slammer, hubby Ayers, in a bizarre coincidence, tried to pick up the then-college student Barack Obama’s future girlfriend.  In a typically sexually predatory move on Ayers’ part, he used his toddler children to woo Obama’s future girlfriend, who was quite younger than Ayers as well.  Nice.

So why did the Obamas practically live with these terrorist cop killers in Chicago years later?

Michelle Obama gave Chesa and the other Ayers/Dohrn children the job of caring for Obama’s daughters as the families socialized.  Let me repeat: several nights a week, for eight years.  Journalists, famous law professors, and literary figures frequently at the table too remained silent about what they knew.  Then they lied to reporters or their own papers’ readers throughout the 2008 election about these nearly-nightly dinners shared by the Obamas and Ayers and Dohrn.  Ayers and Dohrn lied.  Michelle lied yet again in her “memoir,” Becoming, and Barack Obama lied and lied and lied on the campaign trail and continues to lie about the relationship today.

If I were Ayers or Dohrn, I’d spill all the beans.  They’re retired, reviled, stripped of their academic honors (finally), and completely snowed out by the Obamas.  After all they did for them!  After feeding these loafers for eight years, they didn’t even get invited to Barack’s birthday party.

Now David Gilbert, unrepentant cop-killer, will walk free.  And in New York State, more cops and security guards’ graves are being collectively pissed on by Cuomo and his still-employed stooges.  It’s time to create consequences for these actions.  Time to engulf the New York State Parole Board with demands that Gilbert not be freed.

It’s time to investigate why Bernardine Dohrn never went to prison for her documented involvement in the Brinks killings, the San Francisco Police Station bombing, and other crimes.  Time for Bill Ayers to admit he planted dynamite between a police station and a restaurant frequented by black diners in Detroit.

It’s time for Barack and Michelle Obama to admit their lies about their relationship with terrorists.  It’s time for them to explain how they could break bread nightly with people who sexually abused their cult members in the Weather Underground.  It’s time for the Obamas to explain how they could socialize with people who killed cops, tried to kill black people, and tried to start a race war.

It’s time to question Chesa Boudin about the lies he told about his adoptive parents and the Obamas during Barack Obama’s two presidential races.

It’s time to make sure David Gilbert never leaves prison, despite Cuomo’s pardon.  Any police or others with information about Gilbert’s crimes or the commutation can write to me here, and you will be kept anonymous.

This is cop-killers getting sprung by corrupt politicians.  This is our justice system on life support, equal justice gasping its last breath.

More on Bernardine Dohrn: George Soros: Funding the Pro-Criminal, Anti-Cop Lobby October 31 2011.  Also: Something Else Barack Obama and Bernadine Dohrn Share, Besides Secrets with Terrorist Bill Ayers . . .

More on Kathy Boudin (David Gilbert’s partner and Chesa Boudin’s father), fellow terrorist Marilyn Buck, and Barack Obama: Marilyn Buck, Cop Killer: Five Less Than Six Degrees of Separation From Barack Obama.

More on Ayers and Dohrn: Arrest Mark Rudd For Felony Murder. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn Too.

More on how these killers slithered into academia: Is Katherine Ann Power Violating the Law by Profiting from the Murder of Officer Walter Schroeder? Did Boston University and Oregon State Help Her Break Parole?
AND More to come on the sick joke that is “Prisoner Rehabilitation,” Cuomo’s Excuse for COmmuting Gilbert’s Sentence.












5 thoughts on “Andrew Cuomo Commuted the Sentence of David Gilbert, Who Killed Two Cops And a Security Guard. All Roads Lead to Obama.”

  1. well i’ve been in a blind rage for hours….don’t know why i didn’t see this coming… Cuomo is the one who commuted Judith Clark’s sentence, making her eligible for parole, then she was released in 2019. If Cuomo had been impeached like he should have been for killing elderly people in the nursing homes, then he would never have had the chance to do this.

  2. My other comment is that this is clearly Obama’s 3rd term. Any Biden/Harris administration is a mirage, sock puppet theater. All of this could have been avoided if the media and the political elite of both sides had not circled the wagons around Barry “PaPa Doc” Soetoro in 2008 and exposed the Manson era Marxist sociopathic muppets that groomed him, created him. The Hate Crimes nightmare you often write about, the enabled, repercussion-free violent mob actions of far leftists, the overreach into people’s control of their own bodies (the whole point of Obamacare- medical serfdom), the nightmare unfolding in Afghanistan, the attempt to derail equality for women ( and, in fact to null and void the meaning and biological reality of the female sex)- all powered by the ascendence of the Obama Regime. Even before the Weather Underground actually went underground they were focused laser-like on the education of children. It was a revolutionary, Marxist planned goal of subversion through the institutions – and they did it with remarkable success. Barry as POTUS was the cherry on top. And now – reaping the whirlwind.

  3. Tina, as far as I can tell, Ayers is the only person claiming that he and Dohrn met the Obamas several times a week. Really, so everyone who knew Obama in Chicago is part of a conspiracy to hide the truth?

    And I see that Biden and Harris have not arrested you yet.

  4. Hi Lindsay. This information comes directly from Pulitzer Prize winning David Garrow’s monumental biography on Obama: Rising Star. Ayers and Dohrn and also Mona Khalidi and a few historians and literary figures, and one civil rights leader all confirm to Garrow the depth of their relationship, in their own words. It was an open secret in Chicago, the city of open secrets of precisely this sort. If you read my report cited in this post, it lays out the footnotes documenting the relationship and also all the “fact-checkers” and other liars who labored to conceal it. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this at more length. I can steer you to the best sources, true and false.

  5. Hi Mark. So now you’re posing as someone called “Lindsay.” You’ll see from my comment above (which for some reason didn’t appear as a reply to this), that I answered you politely and offered you citations. They are also available as footnotes in my long post about the Obamas, Ayers and Dohrn on the website. But you know that already because you commented on that post too.

    The next time you want to try to use a fake name, here’s a little advice: change your server too so your real name doesn’t appear.

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