10 Reasons to Vote For Hershel Walker

Ok, I will get to 10, not 50.  It’s just a bow to that Simon and Garfunkel song.  And the election is tomorrow.  But big life events have intervened recently.  So I will get as far as I can with this list and call it a day.

I have to say I’m both confused by and angry at conservatives who won’t vote for our candidate.  As snark and anger aren’t great motivating tools, I’ll try to avoid them, but what are you thinking?  I think I understand some of it: you have been belittled and lied to by the Georgia GOP and the currently poisonous big-L Libertarian (cough, Leftitarian) Party, and Walker is nobody’s idea of an ideal Senator, but that’s no reason for not trying to win.  Political operatives are nearly all professional liars.  Just let their poisonous spittle roll off your backs.  You’re better than them.  Don’t let THEM win by staying home.

  1.  Ethics  For the 30+ years I have worked in Georgia and Florida politics, I have only known personally a handful of elected officials who are more ethical than not, and a thimbleful of pure servants to their constituents.  I know five well in Georgia.  All of them are woman, and two are Democrats (wait).  One is a genius attorney who tolerated decades of never getting credit for working twice as hard as anyone and delivering the budget on time, and, after that, she spent her waking hours trying to protect abused children.  One was a city council member who made it her mission to makes the lives of every single one of her constituents as good as they could be.  You could call her at 3a.m. to come solve any problem.  One is a recently retired legislator from North Georgia who is so fearless and tough that she, like many decent folks I just don’t know as well, could not tolerate what our Party has become.  One is an activist who has worked harder and smarter to elect the state officials who then turned their backs on her when she sought office.  I’m sure I could add others to this list if I knew them a bit better: a confident and capable North Georgia Whip; a businessman who wants to help workers achieve their goals; some doctors and funeral directors who serve only in order to extend the services they already provide.  In contrast, Walker and Warnock are flawed candidates in very similar ways.  Deal with it.  Politics ain’t beanball.  We are at the “dance with who brung you” stage, but now it’s being counted on a nuclear clock.  Of course ethics matter.  But in the realm of politics, they don’t matter as much as results.  You gotta get a bit muddy to wrestle a hog.  At least I think so.  I’m sort of confused about farm animals.
  2.  The Libertarian Party  Here, I am not referring to the many small-l libertarians, mostly older people, who actually understand the theory.  I am referring to the sleazy pro-drugs, pro-open borders, hate-local-cops, empty-the-prisons anarchists who took over the Libertarian Party years ago in other states and now partially control it in Georgia.  Cliff Kincaid wrote a brilliant article about this phenomenon way back in 2012, and it has only grown worse.  Now all the Libertarian Party stands for is anarchy: no cops, no prisons, no borders, no drug laws, not even for cocaine, meth, prescription drugs, fentanyl, psychedelics, and so on.  And these big-L Libertarians are so stupid that they believe enacting such policies will lead to LESS government dependency, not more.  Does anyone except them and the staff at Reason Magazine really think that opening borders and releasing prisoners to threaten personal and property rights, plus being forced to subsidize countless illegal immigrants and all the junkies who now flock to places like Portland and California will reduce government?  Nevertheless, they have made massive head-roads into the Georgia GOP.  Believe me, as a former Democrat lobbyist, the DNC wouldn’t tolerate these lying grifters for a moment.  So under the guise of fake libertarianism, they ran a spoiler candidate whose main issue is radical transgender rights.  I can’t blame you if you cast a protest vote for this man because the media did all they could do to conceal his real platform.  Here’s a typical whitewash of him.  Chase Oliver is an Obama supporter and gay rights activist. Here’s a Guardian (British Far-Left) article describing some of his background.  But it gets worse: Oliver belongs to a branch of the Libertarian Party movement so extreme that after he qualified, they broke away from the already-anarchist big-L libertarians and formed another group even more obsessed with transgenderism.  Now he’s considering running for president.  A few weeks ago I had the link to this ex-Libertarian Party transgender group on my desktop: now I can’t find it.  If anyone else can (I’m a luddite) please contact me ASAP.  So if you are a conservative and cast a protest vote for this man because David Schafer, David Ralston, Geoff Duncan et. al. make you sick, please, please reconsider.  He got an unusually high number of votes while spending “practically no money.”  He is a bait and switch.
  3. Issues, Issues, Issues, or, Hershel Walker is just a thumb.  I don’t really mean that:  Walker is to be admired for surviving a lot of early trauma and mental illness and speaking and writing admirably about it. I am not trying to mock him here.  But despite his personal flaws, he also has many personal virtues that have not been given enough consideration.  Like all extraordinarily successful professional athletes, he is a highly disciplined performer and savvy team player. If all he does is go to Washington and vote the right way on issues for six years, we are the winners, my friend, as the great and tragic Freddy Mercury used to sing.
  4. Which issues?  Immigration.  Its effect on the black underclass and working class, as well as the white ones.  Opposing court packing.  Defending the filibuster. Endorsing fiscal responsibility.  Protecting girls’ sports.  Defending free speech.  Withdraw from the toxic Iranian nuclear arms deal.  Returning energy production to America.  School choice.  You know the drill.  It matters more than the candidate.
  5. Uniting the Georgia GOP.   OK, here’s a weird one.  Walker isn’t an Oxford Professor (thank God), nor is he a dumb person.  What he is, is a sports icon who appeals across all sorts of racial and economic and city/rural lines.  He’s the real deal.  He experienced real suffering and didn’t wallow in despair.  He was born poor and worked hard and has something to show for it.  He is a role model, and he can be both a healing and expansive influence on our unfortunate GOP Party.
  6. Losing is Demoralizing.   We have already seen the long-term trends towards Georgia becoming a Blue State.  If Walker doesn’t win, we are incrementally sinking in quicksand.  If he does, we can present a united front that will empower the grassroots membership of the GOP to clean up the mess in our central offices.  The DNC wins by being rent-seekers — by giving our money and resources and institutions to increasingly more radical and less productive Democrat voters.  We can only fix our Party if we have power.  If there are two things Hershel Walker may offer us, they are power and unity.  As the great Herman Cain used to say, Aw Shucky Ducky.  What did that mean?  It meant we were in this together, and we should act with enthusiasm and positivity.
  7. Raphael Warnock is far more radical than you think.  Like Obama, he is an acolyte of a radical bomber also pulling the Sharpton-esque “minister” racket. Warnock’s mentor was Calvin Butts.  There is now way to overestimate the influence.  Butts trained Warnock.  So consider these quotes from Trevor Loudon’s Keywiki, the go-to place to learn about radicals in state government: “In October 1995, Rev. Butts honored Cuban dictator Fidel Castro with a huge, standing-room-only ceremony at the Abyssinian Baptist Church. “It is in our tradition to welcome all who are visionaries, revolutionaries and who seek the liberation of all people,” the pastor declared. Five years later, Butts and his church again held a rousing tribute to Castro, who was greeted with a ten-minute standing ovation and thunderous chants of: “Fidel! Fidel! Viva Fidel!” Butts, for his part, said: “God Bless you, Fidel.”Rev. Calvin Butts, introduced Castro as “one of the great leaders in the world with us today.”  AND:“From a 2005 interview with History Makers:  HM “And you know, at the time you went to Morehouse [College, Atlanta, Georgia], it was at that the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Did you become involved in civil rights activities?”CB “Absolutely. A number of things: we organized …  But of course, ’67 [1967]–[Reverend Dr. Martin Luther] King [Jr.] was dead in April of ’68 [1968], I remember rioting.”HM “What happened, specifically?” …[CB] I remember going across to Canterbury House and meeting with some fellows that I had been working within an organization called PRIDE, People Ready In Defense of Ebony … We, we dug up all of our preplans and we went to another location and made a bunch of Molotov cocktails. We bought the gasoline, filled up the, the bottles and stuff, the rags, and then we put them in bags. And then we went out that evening, and we burned several stores to the ground. We firebombed a local church. The fire caught in the basement. They got to it before it raged throughout the church. The church is still there. We terrorized cars with whites in them. And we were on a good roll. I had about, I started out with about seven of these Molotov cocktails, and I had about two left. And at that time, there was a friend of mine and I, and we were walking across this open field. I think the Morehouse School of Medicine may be sitting there now or just across the street from them. It was right in that area. And I remember as we were walking, we heard this whir, and we looked around and it was an armored car, like a, an Atlanta police, like a half-track truck or something. And I tell this story, I said the only thing I can see was a guy sitting on top with a neck that was very red, and he had a shotgun in his hand. And the moonlight reflected off the shotgun, so you could see this long silver barrel and this guy with a red neck holding this gun, and this half-track truck, and this big light flashing. I guess they were looking for us. And I remember telling the audience, I looked down at one of these Molotov cocktails, and I looked up at this half-track truck and this guy with this big shotgun and his very red neck. And all of a sudden I understood that non, that violence was not the way (laughter); nonviolence was the way.”  Nice mentor. Don’t think Warnock doesn’t thinks precisely the same thing about you.
  8. Just read this.   
  9. Ebenezer Baptist Church, despite its legacy, has, sadly, degenerated into a typical Atlanta ministerial racket, with Raphael Warnock pulling in big bucks while his flock is impoverished and blighted by family collapse, intergenerational poverty, degradation, and violence.  Warnock doesn’t care.  Here is the take from the hardly-conservative Politico.   I’ve known several amazing black ministers in poor neighborhoods in Atlanta — and I worked in those neighborhoods for years.  They weren’t getting 7K-plus a month for “housing” expenses, on top of a huge salary: they were fighting addiction and praying from the pulpit and protecting the elderly in their communities and not seeking headlines and paydays for it.  Warnock is exploiting his position with the highly questionable MLK children and their grimly corrupt nonprofit and political activities.  I pity these people: their childhoods were a terror and a tragedy and a crime against American Principles.  But Warnock is hijacking what’s good about that legacy.
  10. Finally, I want to address the uncomfortable subject of psychology.  What if you knew Hershel Walker (like Warnock) was a bad dad and financial grifter and that’s why you stayed home?  In both cases, the grift is small for Washington; the domestic relations are unmeasurable, but we only have two choices now, and neither did well by their families.  So it’s time for you to decide if you are going to stay home and do nothing to support our agenda, or get out for Walker.  If you don’t believe in our agenda, you aren’t really a conservative.  You’re someone who values your own moral purity over the good of the people.  The point of democracy is the good of the people.  You can be part of making it happen, or you can prioritize your preening.  Politics ain’t beanball.





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