From the Anti-RNC Protests yesterday 

1. Caption contest for the first one . . .

2. Democracy Now?  Check.  Earth First?  Check.  George Soros?  Ka-Ching.  Hint to protesters: those of you who feel as if you’re dying for lack of funds should ask the Florida Consumer Action Network folks how they’re living.  They have plenty of money.  Ask the Code Pinkers to kick in some cash from their pink glitter budget.  They’re not poor.  Ask Joe Redner, who has made plenty in publicity off you, to pony up, as it were.

You’re the ones eating crappy potatoes for supper.  These chicks are wearing $30 water bottles.

3. Capitalism is Cannibalism, so, Vegan Capitalism must mean HUFU.  Watch the video from The Daily Show at the link if you “want to know more.”  That’s my old college chum, Mark Nuckols (on The Daily Show, not the guy holding the sign).  Wish you were here, Mark, instead of exploiting geopolitical instabilities in the former Soviet bloc.  You’d be making a killing in this crowd with your high-quality, tofu-based, human flesh alternative, HUFU.

4. The Food Court.  Yes, it did smell just like that.  I asked one young woman what was for lunch, and she glared at me over two slices of white bread and some weird potatoes and said: “s**t”

5. I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring babies to stuff like this.  I didn’t want to bring my own feet.

6. There were two on-site, ecumenical, Ron Paulites.  Here’s the one who wasn’t starting random fights

Tomorrow: Anarchists versus Scientologists!!!!!!


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