It’s the family, usually:

Parent of Teen Accused of Shootings Faced Charges (, no link)

The father, Thomas Lane Jr., was known to county authorities because of a series of arrests for abusing women in his life, court records show. It’s not clear how much contact the father and son had.
But between 1995 and 1997, the boy’s father and mother, Sara A. Nolan, were each charged with domestic violence against each other.
The father was later charged with assaulting a police officer and served time in prison after trying to suffocate another woman he married several years after his son was born, according to court records.
He held the woman’s head under running water and bashed it into a wall, leaving a dent in the drywall, court records show.
But soon after he went to prison, the woman wrote a letter asking that he be released early.
She had divorced Thomas Lane but said in the letter that he was always a good father to their twin daughters and a son she had before they married.
Some youths who attended a vigil at a church on Chardon’s square Monday evening said that the teen lived with his grandparents and had multiple step- and half-siblings. His grandmother declined to comment.

But you can’t sue school districts that way.

And these bullying industry experts don’t get a payday . . .

if they can’t blame the usual suspects: the victims themselves.

Nor can this one, who was quick to advertise his services. 

Meanwhile, the White House is awaiting news of whether they can exploit the tragedy.



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