Atlanta Fox 5’s Mark Teichner is reporting that it was Fulton Magistrate Judge Karen Smith Woodson who released Antoine Wimes on bond instead of holding him in the 2008 murder of Nigerian immigrant Etus Obi Onyemaechi.  Wimes shot a young mother and either beat or “used her infant as a bat” during a home invasion Monday night.

Atlanta reader Paul Kersey has this to say:

So at least now we know DeKalb wasn’t doing any special favors by letting Sheriff’s Deputy Derrick Yancey out on bail after he allegedly killed two people last year. Fulton County will even let an ordinary street thug out after he allegedly killed someone.

And doesn’t everyone feel safe and happy knowing how well those electronic ankle monitors work? Allowing accused killers like Yancey and Wimes to have at least a 12 hour head start on law enforcement isn’t a problem, right? If that’s how DeKalb and Fulton handle the worst of the worst, then God help us all!

According to Fox 5, both the D.A.’s office and the county’s pretrial services office opposed Judge Woodson’s decision to bond Wimes out.  She did it anyway.  I don’t see how anyone could hear the details of Onyemaechi’s murder and decide that Wimes belonged on the streets.

There was one person who agreed with Woodson’s decision.  “I own this world, like Scarface,” Antoine Weems yelled to reporters when he was taken into custody.  Thank God no officers were killed bringing “Scarface” back to the jail cell he never should have left.  A cop in Tampa wasn’t so lucky last night.


It’s time to send a strong message to Metro Atlanta judges:

Not One More.

Not one more violent offender released before trial.

Not one more armed criminal freed back onto the streets of Atlanta.

Not because he’s 15; not because his mommy says he’s a good boy; not because he’s a college student and you want him to “stay in school”; not because you want to play Lady Bountiful and send him to drug rehab; not because you think he has great potential as a wedding dress designer.

Not one more killer out on the streets because you’re not keeping up with your calendars.  Not one more released because the defense attorney is whining that his client is languishing in a cell.  Not one more pity party for some thug with a ten-page record.  You are turning these children into killers by pandering to them.

No more ignoring sentencing laws that had to be passed in the first place because you were letting murderers and rapists walk with slaps on the wrist.  No more screwing up and giving first-time offender status to some eight-time offender because you refuse to bother making a phone call.  No more hiding behind a dysfunctional Clerk of Court’s office as an excuse.  No more treating victims as if they don’t exist.  No more knee-jerk siding with the defense.

Not One More:

Eugenia Calle

Etus Obi Onyemaechi

Linda Yancey

Marcial Cax-Puluc

Jennifer Ewing

Vernon Forrest

Nikki and Defante Neely

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